Thursday, 26 April 2012

Trend lens, T-eye lens, Tear lens, Starry lens from Geo Softlens!: REVIEW

'Look at the stars.. Look how they shine for you..'
This lens, kinda reminds me of one of coldplay's songs, 'Yellow'. Look at how the stars really does exist on your eyes. Trend lens also have that "butterfly" patterned too!

Boys who have a pick-up lines that says "...your eyes sparkles" had spoken the truth this time Photobucket

However, I hate how it has so many line/nick names, I don't know how it could happen, but it does making me confused and hard to tag up the product.

Its from Geo, as we all know, Geo already have that guarantee for your eyes.

I've once used this on school, most of my friends (girls) said that this looks awesome, yay!, simply because the pattern are just unusual and unique. Stranger in my school notices me like there's a tear on my eye, or like, I had crying.. Some of them had actually said 'are you ok?' LOL 
My friends (boys) some of them think they're awesome, some of them said it looks like a dirt on my eye! What?! Photobucket

I have to admit, people notices me more than usual after I used this. This conclude that the lens are easily noticed, yet unusual. The magical plus of this lens is, before you put this on your eye, the lens pattern are visibly different! No stars at all, just pink and subtle blue. Ah-mazing!

Click to enlarge.

I could just rename the lens into something more magical~ The black circle on the lens also add that 'big eyes' look, another plus for this lens. However, it has 14 mm. Not 15.

And this, is me wearing the lens., with flash, and without flash, my eyes are actually pitch black. so i'm sure people with lighter coloured eyes would look better than me.
NO flash, taken on another day.

with cellphone flash. i decided to crop, because i look awkward XD
If I had to buy another one for a year in the future, I'd definitely buy this one again! I just hope it doesn't get discontinued.

Overall.. 4.5 out of 5, just because somebody seriously think I'm crying, and some tells me I had a dirt on my eye Photobucket but on top of that, the lens are incredibly comfortable, fits my eye (not too big, and everything) has a natural look thanks to the black circle, but also spiced up because of the stars.

The thing is, it is recommended for you who wants to be different, but also natural looking. Eccentric, but still calm. and those represents the T-eye lens we're discussing about

So, what do you think?


  1. Oh wow, your eyes are so pretty ! the contacts are pretty rad too :D
    Could you do a tutorial on how you do your eye makeup? Looks so good (:

    1. thank you :D
      i would and i could, and i think its a great idea :D
      however, i need at least more reader so that it could be so so useful ;D maybe after a giveaway sooner :D

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    no prob, i'll followback :)

  4. the contact lens are very cool.. where can i get it? is it only sold in jakarta?

    1. i bought this in an online shop, and you could find her shop here:
      she shipped to almost all cities too, so you could buy there :D

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