Sunday, 20 May 2012

Woo~ Baby Lip Plumper Etude House: REVIEW

Lorem! Hehe, kinda fancy to greet y'all with latin languange, hehe silly me.. Anyway, today's post is another Etude, I hope I'd didn't bore you guys :) Because i can't help it aaa

So yeah, Woo~ Baby Lip Plumper (let's say.. WBLP) come out with 2 colors, 2 different gloss type. I bought both, but unfortunately, the pink ones, is lost! its the pink one that has been my favorite with those pretty shimmers, and its lost! aaaaaah!

So what I have left is the mint type. With blue liquid, but it was transparent when you put it on, not literally 'blue'. I don't mind if its really blue anyway haha. Yes it has that mint sensation when applied. Smells like mint too, but its subtle scented.

Oh yeah, caution! Its really really glossy, well.. Its buildable, either you want it subtle, or extra glossy. With a spatula-like silicone applier it is soo much easier.

Uh haven't I mentioned yet about my WBLP is now leaked? Yes, its true, I dunno what's really happening, but I found it (after a long time) with this condition. Sad to say, I can't stop the leak out of it, and its draining from time to time, its like.. 2mm/day! 

Dude.. I'm not joking, this is like.. wasting 1 buck per-day!
LOL, random calculation, but whatever.. Who counts it anyway? 

Ok, back.. WBLP is pretty impressive. Gives me gloss, but didn't give me chapped lips. Means, that, it is moist rich. Many of those unbranded Lip glosses that i often found in random cosmetic outlets, made my lips chapped. and that's unpretty.
Does it really makes your lips plump? I'm not sure, but take a look at this!
am i plumped now? LOL jk

But sometimes I don't really like how it comes out if its really really glossy, it might look like I was drolling.. Well I know i was just being an over the top..

The lasting power is pretty good, Last time I wore it for a wedding party, for about 2,5 hours (note: i didn't ate a meal at all in there, only a drink), still come back home with glossy lips. But please note, I also uses The Skinfood's Juicy Lip Tint while wearing it. but I think its just a minor addition.

I bought this on Singapore a long time ago, like 2010 or so. And i think its still available.
Its also still available in Indonesia Photobucket 

So the overall is:
+ I'm giving 2 thumbs for not making my lips chapped
+ The lasting power is pretty good, for 2,5 hours. have to apply again after that.
+ Great for people who wants really glossy glossy lips
+ Not sticky at all! well, still depends, if you apply lightly, then it won't be as heavy.
+ Easy appliance
+ So fresh and minty, but not stingy. love love it!

Thank you for reading! 
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Oh well, anyway.. enjoy!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Precious Mineral BB Cream Etude House #1 Sheer silky skin: REVIEW

HELLO! I've just finished unpacking loads of old cosmetics from my old cosmetic bag that has lost for about 3 months.. and now i met that bag again! and to redeem that longing for 3 months, i'll write a review about one of those many cosmetics..

the background for this picture is my barbie fairytopia's outfit. hehe.

First shot, its Etude's Precious Mineral BB Cream; Sheer silky skin (people said it was for oily-combination skin). Its is quite matte though, if you want dewy result, you should try the other one (Sheer Glowing skin). Etude's Precious Mineral BB Cream; Sheer silky skin has a lighter shade than Sheer Glowing skin. The shopkeeper says so 

The coverage is better than Shini Star's BB Lotion, and slightly more 'grey' than it. I could guess, because it contains more SPF compared to Shini Star's BB Lotion. where it has SPF 30/PA++
The undertone is still yellow. So it matches my skin pretty well too..

Kinda easy to blend, not as easy and runny as Shini Star's BB Lotion, but its practically still better at covering.

click to enlarge!

I sounded like i compared these both products.. haha but still, this post is about Precious Mineral. This is just to help you guys see thru this product 

Anyway, the Overall is:
+ Great Coverage, almost all my small pimples are fading, but leaves a bit of grey cast. which look unnatural, but becomes more natural after a few minutes.
+ Really Great Oil Control, and doesn't make my skin dry. 5-6 Hours without blotting, Yeaa~ 
+ Break outs? Nope, not so far.. untill now.
+ SPF 30 / PA++
+ Kinda easy to blend.. but i think #2 Sheer Glowing skin is a lot easier to apply & blend.
+ A bit Pricey for the big size, that's why i bought the mini size on Kaskus.
+ Kinda making me a bit 'white' even after a few minutes and so.. not recommended for flash photographs,   i've recently checking up my newly uploaded pictures in facebook, and it doesn't look good. doesn't look delicious.. at least to me :(
+ Smells EXTRA great!

I'm planning to buy the Sheer Glowing skin one, cuz i think the shade is better.. yes i know the sheer glowing one is for dry skin, but.. whatever ahhahaah 


Oh, and sorry for not posting as often as before, i had a lots of assignment i have to finish on my school before 30th May, and to cut loose those assignments, i have to skip weekends and end up attending additional lessons. i know it sucks.. 
Oh well, i'd better get my chemical books now..

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• Gotye - Somebody that i used to know
• Paramore - Pressure
• Avril Lavigne - I'm with you

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Shini Star Clear Pact PEACH :REVIEW

Hello again, after a week or more, here i start posting again. after taking care of something on 9th May, now i'm back. Its about Shini star clear pact: peach!

yep, i bought the peach one. I'm not going to buy the lavender from the beginning, I thought that i might look somewhat pink..  i know it wouldn't, i read the reviews, but i just put my heart on the peach one.

The plus is, it does well on my cheek, which is the most smooth and supple area on my face, other than that is just ordinary. making me look like wearing a highlighter instead. Maybe because of its shimmer? i see it does shimmer a bit, and its pretty. Also, it smooth out my skin.

Preview of Shini Star's Clear pact peach. doesn't look really visible, but it does shimmers a bit. and sorry for  the  crappy face i made. just wake up..
i put this on, yesterday, i was having a task from school, and i had to go to seaworld (recreation place where there's a lot of sea creature). at first, its kinda look bad on my forehead, my pores and small pimples are all seems emphasized. and i have to remind myself not to use this on my nose; on the area next to nostril where pores are usually appears. because it will look a bit cakey and doesn't look great on me.

Well, the scent are great like all etude house's products. and it look cute too! but i still cant use it too often, or i might break out. yes, break out. too bad..

I've planned to sold this on kaskus or wherever, haha. knowing that it doesn't fit me well. Oh well, so long then.. 

Overall, 3 stars out of 5. i loooove the shimmer on my cheek, but why does it emphasize my pores? and i can't use it often too. i'm too afraid of break outs. 

Monday, 7 May 2012

BIOKOS: Sentinel's recommended gel peel-off mask! +REVIEW

Biokos from Martha Tilaar's
Hello Everyone! today's recommended item is this gel-mask. i liked how it has a cooling sensation on my face!
Unfortunately i'm not pretty sure whether or not this mask is sold worldwide. I bought it at Pasar Baru, or via Biokos Shop outlets

The price is pretty cheap for a gel mask i think. the results aren't so far from Skinfood's Mask, but i couldn't say it was better 

mint green-ish gel.

for some reason, it does look like a scream mask doesn't it? LOL

+ I love the natural scent, and that cooling sensation over your face. So refreshing!
+ But i think the amount is too small, (yes, 150g is still not enough for at least a month) i'm using it 4 times a week, hehe. Requires large and massive amounts of gel to cover perfectly.
+ Cheap! about $8 for 150gr, and $3 for 90gr
+ Pretty effective, i found it brighter on my forehead. but that's just it.. i wish it could do more..
+ The texture is pretty runny, and cold!

Oh well, i wish it was sold online and worldwide..Photobucket
i'm so sorry for the extra-short post.. next time i'll update my post with Shinistar's Clear Pact: peach 

Friday, 4 May 2012

Shini star's BB cream/lotion from etude house: REVIEW

First impression:
"Soo cute! Its too precious to be used.."
The tube, the box, everything even the bb cream's scent are just soo cute!

The first time of using it, I pumped too much, half of the pump is just enough for me.  Photobucket

First day review.. The shade are just fit for me, many of those bb creams that i've used are cakey enough and 'too white' for me, it has 20 spf/pa++ (maybe that's why it isn't as cakey as the other?), which is a minor and small amount for us who live in the hot-sweltering city of Jakarta. But Thank God, I have this Pola perfect shield sunblock 50+ spf/pa+++. Sometimes I just mixed them together, but not too much, because it can made my face gone grey..

Place & Temp. Review:
I used this bb cream on outdoor at monday, I'm on school (which is the most active hour of my life) and monday is the day I sweat a lot. Besides the hot temperature, but also there's a sport class! The perfect time to test out this bb cream's oil control! Plus, I'm at school for 10 hours, I'm sooo gonna challenge this bb cream! AND, I'm gonna test out if this really look natural or not. My friends have an eagle eyes, they might guessed early that i used something on my face..
And this is the value;

Today date is 5th May 2012.
Waaaayyy back on monday, (6 days ago), i started to challenge this bb cream. on monday, after washing my face, i put on some of it to my face, and then starts the sportclass, Oh my! it was 11 am, and its already a bit hot (global warming?). after the sport class ends, i checked up my face, and it does slightly soften up the texture of my face,That's a good thing, No? but i surely need to re-apply again after smudging my face with towel A LOT. After re-applying . I'm a bit aware that in the classroom (16° or so.. and dry too..) my face doesn't look as dewy as on the morning. But i was wrong! it still gives me that dewy look.
Still on monday, its 2:30 PM, and its time to go home. the temperature is likely mad at me or something, its like 33° or more.. and i'm sweatin' like hell! and needs to evenly pat and blot my face, but the bb cream still stick on my cheek (mostly), except the T-zone. the bb cream is still there, but doesn't really visible that much. But that's how you live in Jakarta, people who live in cooler temp. places can get better result & lighter oil control-needs than mine.

On regular days, it does perfectly well, especially on night time since there isn't any heat or extreme activity.

Ok, right, like the other bb cream does, it might look a little cakey on the beginning but then looks natural on a minute or two, but i can say that this is still better than other bb cream that are ridiculously makes me cakey.

picture taken after taking bath. that's why i change my clothes. on the same day.look at how my pimples 'staying' on my chin :( this previews the coverage result for shini star bb cream.

this one is a comparison swatch. at the top is the shini star bb cream
swatchies. i know my hands and arms are dark toned compared to my face. too much sun exposure in childhood days really affects myself today lol

+ Pretty good oil control (1-2 heavy hours, re-apply, 5 hours good to go! blot 5-7 times. this happens to a 30 degrees or so..)
+ Easily applied (light texture,really feels like a lotion, blend easily) 
+ Light-Medium coverage (it doesn't really matter for me, but it could be a plus if it could hide that pimple on me, instead of just the smooth lines)
+ No parabens (they said).. 
+ A little amount could cover up my face!
+ A combination between pricey-cheap. At least, for a student like me..
+ Breakouts? well, i got that small break out once on 5 days after i start using this bb 

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