Sunday, 15 July 2012

The Skin Food Peppermint Pore Diet Mask Peel off: REVIEW

Hello, my holiday has already finished, oh i'm gonna miss that holiday again. And its time to post a lot of posts this month! Weehee~

I actually wanted to post a haul post, OOTD,FOTD,Tutorials, and other posts aside from Reviews. But since i'm not good (actually i'm really bad at) matching clothes, soo.. i think a FOTD post might take awhile hahaha.

Go through down here to read more, and to see the close up of the text.
Personally, i think peel-off masks are more efficient than Sheet Masks. They lasts months, and are pretty easy to use, despite being harmful to sensitive skin. I heard that peel-off masks are more 'harsh' if used oftenly. idk, if its really true though, but, my cousin has proven it to me. She asks for the mask, and she taught me that it stings and her face starting to flake-off. aaand suddenly i felt guilty Photobucket
From that moment, i know her skin is sensitive. Besides, its not only those with sensitive skin who could experience this, you should check the ingredients if there's any that could harm your skin.. here's the photo of it

Anyway, this is what i like from Skin Food, the masks! they are pretty affordable too. Lets just try the mask, shall we?
Like all peel-off masks, they start with gel- some sorta 'glue' appearance, and this Skin Food Peppermint is definitely reminds me of PVA Glue, white, sticky, and dries-off. hahaha Photobucket

They dry pretty quick, i takes about 15 minutes. My favorite steps are, using 'The Face Shop Peeling Day: White Jewel' first, and then clean my face with AC clinic's Toner from ETUDE. And the mask afterward.
Face Mask! haha awkward pose. sorry about the sundae sticker though, i just like putting random things in my photos.
Sit-back, relax, listen to the music, and finally wait until it dries. Its smells 'icky' though.. smells like, well.. Peppermint, but with a hint of 'chemical' scent-like. And automatically gives me a 'hospital atmosphere'.
I don't want to be hospitalized Photobucket.

....and its finally dries! its a bit 'ouch' when comes to peel the mask But its all worth it. my pores are less visible, leaving my skin smooth and clean, this is just what i need! You know, when you're still at school, there are things that really disturbing for your skin, for example, when i go home, i have to get a cab on the side of the road, and there are massive amounts of pollution. leaving my skin dull and dirty, as well as the sun.

TADA! hahaha i made a Scream mask. in fact, i think this mask is frowning..

Alright, my skin is sooo ready to go to school aha! My overall rating is 4 out of 5. Just because it isn't really good for sensitive skin, and smells like medicine too. 

That's all  Photobucket have a really good days for all of you, and i hope this holiday really makes our spirit came back! Yeehaaw Photobucket


  1. Replies
    1. Around rp.87.000 in most Online shops. And about 120.000 in mall outlets :)

  2. how much? does it smell good? hihi curious

  3. Around $9 (87.000) in most Online shops. And about $12 (120.000) in mall outlets :)
    Well, smells like a peppermint, with a hint of chemical scents, like most alcohol smells like :/ :)

  4. wow sounds good!!! i havent tried one of these mask before.

  5. Ahh beruntungnya kamu cocok sama masker ini.. Aku ga ada perubahan apa2 pake ini, komedo aja ga keangkat.. Dan dia di tubenya cepet kering loh.. Rajin2 aja dipake biar cepet habis.. Punyaku gara2 ga ngepek ga pernah dipake, pas suatu hari dibuka tau2nya teksturnya udah berubah, udah jadi kering, gabisa diratain lagi.. :(

    1. Emang sih ini masker kayaknya cocok2an, sodaraku gak cocok makanya lgsg perih katanya. Kalo masalah kering, iya belakangan ini ada sedikit yg kering, tp berubung aku sering make, jd keburu hihi ^^ btw thanks 4 sharing ^^

  6. hey dear i just give you an award, it's versatile! :D check this:

  7. i feel sorry for your sister.. but the mask suit you right? ;)


  8. did it suitable for combination skin?