Saturday, 11 August 2012

Etude House Color my Brows in Rich Brown: REVIEW

Ahoy, i really wanted to post this review since yesterday. i got this item (actually with another one item which i'll post here sooner, its called Golden Ratio Contour) for only $6. lol. well.. logically yes its only $6. why? becase i had this sooner after i purchased a few items in etude several weeks ago, and i dont know if this is just my luck or what, they are holding a 100% cashback. HAHAA somebody throw a pie on me pleaseee

i'm sorry the picture turns out blurred >_<
So, they hold a cashback back then on July 29th. along with a midnight sale in MKG. i bought Shinistar LipBalm, Kissfull tint chou, and also some etude stick concealer which i forgot the line name is Photobucket
and they gave this voucher-looking paper worth about $40, that could be redeemed 100% on the next purchase, until 30th August.
So basically i bought this item along with golden contour maker (which actually cost about $45 for both item) only for about $6 because of what i did back then on cashback event.
Hope this didn't confuse you.. lol

Anyway, to speed up the review.. here's the comparison. Oh this is obviously noticeable.
under tungsten light.
i'm sorry for (another) blurred shot. i don't know whats wrong with my hands its either shaking or glitching..
pardon my sleepy eyes. lol
can you tell the difference? i promise there isn't any photoshop stuffs added onto my eyebrows! it means.. this item is extremely outrageous!
So, Which side of my eyebrows that wears Color My Brows? I didn't tell which one with or without but i 'm certain that you'll notice and know which. heheee

I really really really love it so much. all this time i wanted that korean straight eyebrows look, like kim so eun. she doesn't have those super straight eyebrows, she still have those straight accent, but a little bit of curves.

..Or i could just have Tsubasa Masuwaka's eyebrows.. But if i really wanted to have Tsubasa Masuwaka's eyebrow look, i might need Lighter shade of this item, called 02 Light Brown. I bought Etude's Color my Brows in 01 Rich Brown. And to me its kinda troublesome if i had to use pencils or eyebrow powder. and this Color my Brow really helps me with that.

The appliance and the finished look really resembles a mascara. with that spoolie brush, or mascara wand and the packaging stuff etc. And after a few minutes it starts to harden and dries off. and the color turns a little bit darker too. Which makes my eyebrows more natural looking. Rad!

Aside from the cool stuffs, there's also a bit cons to it. When it comes to removal. Sadly, its hard to remove. Oil-based make-up remover should do the stuff. I used Maybelline's make-up remover, and a bit of facial wash too. and guess what? its gone, BUT still gives my eyebrows a hint of brown-ish tint. It could be removed i guess, using another Oil-based stuffs like i did.
Kinda reminds me of chocolate fondue too.. lol

So anyway, please follow and comment, etc thank you so much for your comments, i do followbacks just mention me. And if you can guess which side is with/without one, tell me via comment post.
Thanks again Photobucket


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