Friday, 24 August 2012

The Face Shop Peeling Day White Jewel: REVIEW

I don't know why I feel sooo much better and fresh when I'm on a holiday, I think most people also feel the same way, holiday is just fantastic isn't it Photobucket

Today's review would be the face shop's peeling day white jewel. There are actually 4 kinds of peeling gel provided, but I bought the white jewel because it smells soo good, and compared to the other one, the white jewel's benefit would fit on me better (as i always seen my face dull because of the pollution.. sigh) . the rest is honey black sugar,water in punica, and water in pomegranate.

The shopkeeper tells me that the peeling day itself was more of a cleanser. Best way to use it is before you apply mask. Any mask. Could be sheet,peel-off, or wash-off. To mantain a better absorption of the mask.
Sounds useful right?

looks like a gel isn't  it?
the exfoliated dead cells, sorry for this pic thou lol
I'm not sure if its really a dead skin, or its just build by itself. But its really gentle, i'm loving it Photobucket
White Jewel has a smell of floral-like scent. What I don't really like about this peeling gel is that, it tends to get messy, you know that dead cell exfoliation that comes out when you peel/exfoliate something, whenever I use this, the exfoliation dust is easily falls and get into my hair line. Plain messy.

But I think that's what mostly peeling stuffs did.. So I couldn't help it but to wear a hairnet.

After using this, I usually use toner, like Etude's mal:gem toner, or Hadalabo's hyaluronic acid lotion. Because even though its a peeling gel that sounds like it doesn't leave a casts, well it does. And I always need to clean up the excess. what i meant is, half of the exfoliation (that white stuff) some of it tends to dry quickly, and leaving some sorta powdery-like casts. It doesn't make my skin dry too, as it has moisturizing agent.

And finally you should put your mask on!
Happy vacation, thank you for the comments Photobucket


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