Saturday, 28 July 2012

Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara 01 Power Volume: REVIEW

This is my first ever mascara review, i'm so sorry if it isn't good or not informative enough :)
Moreover, i got my braces changed on yesterday morning, and its painful,it hurts so bad i can't even chew. So i'm sorry if this post seems a little 'fuzzy' simply because i'm handling a pretty painful thing now..
and my bestfriend lately is panadol and biogesic. lol

I bought this along with a hope that it could help me apply mascara more easily. all this time i don't really have that ability to evenly apply a mascara, and ended-up like spider legs. a.k.a spidery lashes. and i have read about that on Michelle Phan's blog.

This, actually did its job by helping me achieve a better appliance. Just take a look at the "pole" applicator that it has. Since the mascara itself is 'magic pole mascara', so this is pretty much the 'star' of the product.
So, lets just try this out. Photobucket
Uhh, it messed up badly when it comes to the matter of 'smudgeproof'. It does fade a bit, after i cried like 2 times and wipe it, but i think i should tolerate that because it was when i'm in a farewell party of my friend's, so, you know.. farewell parties aren't so 'happy' all the time right?
I also apply this on my lower eyelash, and guess, it smudges through my eyebag, making it look like i'm doing a smokey eye make up on my eyebag = yes, i meant panda eyes. This appears not only on my friend's farewell party, but also when i'm going out to a wedding party. The cause might be sweat, so i could still outsmart it by applying an eye primer, i guess?

my eyelash is a bit sparse i think.._. despite being long
Another cons of this, its hard to remove. i use Maybelline eye and lips make-up remover. and needs 5 drops of it to completely remove the mascara. I usually only use 3 drops for eyeliner on both side of my eyes.
Tears feels pretty heavy, right? lol, so does this mascara, unfortunately. and this could easily come out clumpy if you apply too much. So what i've planned to do with this mascara is to use eyelash curler frequently while applying 1-2 layer of mascara.

To sum it up:

+ A bit easy to smudge, and made a little 'panda' eyes.
+ Feels heavy
+ Hard to remove
+ This did an amazing job at volumizing my lashes
+ Easy breezy applicator
+ Buildable, but kinda hard to built. If i apply too much, it could get clumpy, but if i apply too little, i might look the same as before i apply this.

So.. i think i'll give this:
3 beauties
Lol, what i meant is 3 stars, but anyway.. please give me your comment, thank you !

Friday, 20 July 2012

Etude House Dream On Base 01 Mint Dream Slim and Cover: REVIEW

a pump-like bottle, with a sweet-cute cap! EH really wins my heart with just the packaging.
Feels so much different to write this post while fasting Photobucket weehee~
i bought this dream on base with my mom, it feels so much more when i shop with my family. such a great quality time i had back thenPhotobucket

Anyway, i intend to buy this because of what i experience last week. When i go home after taking facial, i spot some redness on my face, especially in the nose area. At first i thought it was a normal irritation that usually occurs after facial, and usually it'll disappear after 1 night. But this time, it won't disappear even after 2 days. Then i decided to buy this, in case if that is happening again.

Today, (well actually since 3 days ago) i have this red spot in my left hand, which will be the 'testing' subject for this product. this 'red spot' apparently appears after i play a game with my friends, a game which acquires the losers of the game being slapped in the hand. and trust me, it feels like HECK! aaaaaa Photobucket hurts so so much, but the game is just sooo fun that i played it like for 3 hours. Well, since words cannot describe how it hurts, i bet this picture could tell the story.

slightly looks like a mosquito bites. but actually its some sorta bruises.. mild bruises. Some of my friends also experiences this bruises thingy. its really obvious in the real life, good thing the camera didn't capture it so obviously, believe me, cause it is not so good to look at  Photobucket

Oh! i almost forgot, the link between this bruises and the Dream On Base 01 Mint Green is, we r gonna test this green babes to see if it really hides red-ness. (well, this bruises are kinda red right? a bit similar to the pimples in my face haha)

The base has such a heavenly texture. some sorta, creamy-velvety constancy, making it really easy to blend. well, if it isn't blend well, it might make your face pale.. and i don't wanna look pale unless i'm as hot as vampires Photobucket

the coverage is medium. but you could build it up to make it heavier, or less heavy. depends on how you wanna make it. i also discover that it could slightly fade the uneven skin tone in my face.
The lasting power is not really predictable as its being covered by bb cream, but i think it's about 4 hours. Yesterday i tried it out with Etude House's Precious Mineral Bright Fit. And i hardly see the redness in 4 hours straight. After that, the redness is becoming visible again, but not as obvious as i didn't apply any makeup.

Pricey or not? hmm, since i bought this on the mall outlet, yes. it is pricey. But i saw this on some online shop a week ago, and its not that pricey.

Ok, lets just take the summary:

+Blends easily
+Lasts pretty good
+Has a REALLY cute packaging, and so are the scent. to the extent that i make it as an aromatherapy by putting it in a teabag, and hang it besides my bed, and then i suddenly feels like a hobo. Photobucket
+Medium (but buildable) coverage
+Not thick. which is a plus. i hate thick textured face makeup. that's why Photobucket
+Feels kinda dewy
+Looks pretty natural (set with medium-light coverage)

Overall, i'm glad i bought this Photobucket

I wore it yesterday while on salon, taking some creambath after a looong time, getting ready to go with my friends.Photobucket
hehehe sorry for the frog face i just made Photobucket
Anyway, i hope you enjoy reading my review! Photobucket

Sunday, 15 July 2012

The Skin Food Peppermint Pore Diet Mask Peel off: REVIEW

Hello, my holiday has already finished, oh i'm gonna miss that holiday again. And its time to post a lot of posts this month! Weehee~

I actually wanted to post a haul post, OOTD,FOTD,Tutorials, and other posts aside from Reviews. But since i'm not good (actually i'm really bad at) matching clothes, soo.. i think a FOTD post might take awhile hahaha.

Go through down here to read more, and to see the close up of the text.
Personally, i think peel-off masks are more efficient than Sheet Masks. They lasts months, and are pretty easy to use, despite being harmful to sensitive skin. I heard that peel-off masks are more 'harsh' if used oftenly. idk, if its really true though, but, my cousin has proven it to me. She asks for the mask, and she taught me that it stings and her face starting to flake-off. aaand suddenly i felt guilty Photobucket
From that moment, i know her skin is sensitive. Besides, its not only those with sensitive skin who could experience this, you should check the ingredients if there's any that could harm your skin.. here's the photo of it

Anyway, this is what i like from Skin Food, the masks! they are pretty affordable too. Lets just try the mask, shall we?
Like all peel-off masks, they start with gel- some sorta 'glue' appearance, and this Skin Food Peppermint is definitely reminds me of PVA Glue, white, sticky, and dries-off. hahaha Photobucket

They dry pretty quick, i takes about 15 minutes. My favorite steps are, using 'The Face Shop Peeling Day: White Jewel' first, and then clean my face with AC clinic's Toner from ETUDE. And the mask afterward.
Face Mask! haha awkward pose. sorry about the sundae sticker though, i just like putting random things in my photos.
Sit-back, relax, listen to the music, and finally wait until it dries. Its smells 'icky' though.. smells like, well.. Peppermint, but with a hint of 'chemical' scent-like. And automatically gives me a 'hospital atmosphere'.
I don't want to be hospitalized Photobucket.

....and its finally dries! its a bit 'ouch' when comes to peel the mask But its all worth it. my pores are less visible, leaving my skin smooth and clean, this is just what i need! You know, when you're still at school, there are things that really disturbing for your skin, for example, when i go home, i have to get a cab on the side of the road, and there are massive amounts of pollution. leaving my skin dull and dirty, as well as the sun.

TADA! hahaha i made a Scream mask. in fact, i think this mask is frowning..

Alright, my skin is sooo ready to go to school aha! My overall rating is 4 out of 5. Just because it isn't really good for sensitive skin, and smells like medicine too. 

That's all  Photobucket have a really good days for all of you, and i hope this holiday really makes our spirit came back! Yeehaaw Photobucket