Sunday, 20 May 2012

Woo~ Baby Lip Plumper Etude House: REVIEW

Lorem! Hehe, kinda fancy to greet y'all with latin languange, hehe silly me.. Anyway, today's post is another Etude, I hope I'd didn't bore you guys :) Because i can't help it aaa

So yeah, Woo~ Baby Lip Plumper (let's say.. WBLP) come out with 2 colors, 2 different gloss type. I bought both, but unfortunately, the pink ones, is lost! its the pink one that has been my favorite with those pretty shimmers, and its lost! aaaaaah!

So what I have left is the mint type. With blue liquid, but it was transparent when you put it on, not literally 'blue'. I don't mind if its really blue anyway haha. Yes it has that mint sensation when applied. Smells like mint too, but its subtle scented.

Oh yeah, caution! Its really really glossy, well.. Its buildable, either you want it subtle, or extra glossy. With a spatula-like silicone applier it is soo much easier.

Uh haven't I mentioned yet about my WBLP is now leaked? Yes, its true, I dunno what's really happening, but I found it (after a long time) with this condition. Sad to say, I can't stop the leak out of it, and its draining from time to time, its like.. 2mm/day! 

Dude.. I'm not joking, this is like.. wasting 1 buck per-day!
LOL, random calculation, but whatever.. Who counts it anyway? 

Ok, back.. WBLP is pretty impressive. Gives me gloss, but didn't give me chapped lips. Means, that, it is moist rich. Many of those unbranded Lip glosses that i often found in random cosmetic outlets, made my lips chapped. and that's unpretty.
Does it really makes your lips plump? I'm not sure, but take a look at this!
am i plumped now? LOL jk

But sometimes I don't really like how it comes out if its really really glossy, it might look like I was drolling.. Well I know i was just being an over the top..

The lasting power is pretty good, Last time I wore it for a wedding party, for about 2,5 hours (note: i didn't ate a meal at all in there, only a drink), still come back home with glossy lips. But please note, I also uses The Skinfood's Juicy Lip Tint while wearing it. but I think its just a minor addition.

I bought this on Singapore a long time ago, like 2010 or so. And i think its still available.
Its also still available in Indonesia Photobucket 

So the overall is:
+ I'm giving 2 thumbs for not making my lips chapped
+ The lasting power is pretty good, for 2,5 hours. have to apply again after that.
+ Great for people who wants really glossy glossy lips
+ Not sticky at all! well, still depends, if you apply lightly, then it won't be as heavy.
+ Easy appliance
+ So fresh and minty, but not stingy. love love it!

Thank you for reading! 
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Oh well, anyway.. enjoy!


  1. Great review, I#d love to try this too. Etude house have some amazing and cute things...Love their stuff!!

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    1. agree!
      oh so sorry, i thought i've already followed you >_<
      ok i'm going to your blog now ^^

  2. Hello, nice review there, so it really does its job to plump ur lips. Well, I actually looking for a lip plumper too well I guess I'll try it too
    thanx :) btw I'm at : and happily following u :)

    1. totally following you too ^^
      thanks for dropping by :)

  3. i tried this one too and it's awesome! but i really want to know the pink one.. wanna buy it but i'm afraid the shimmer effect will make my lip become xxxx, lol
    anyway, can you follow me back? thank you :D