Friday, 4 May 2012

Shini star's BB cream/lotion from etude house: REVIEW

First impression:
"Soo cute! Its too precious to be used.."
The tube, the box, everything even the bb cream's scent are just soo cute!

The first time of using it, I pumped too much, half of the pump is just enough for me.  Photobucket

First day review.. The shade are just fit for me, many of those bb creams that i've used are cakey enough and 'too white' for me, it has 20 spf/pa++ (maybe that's why it isn't as cakey as the other?), which is a minor and small amount for us who live in the hot-sweltering city of Jakarta. But Thank God, I have this Pola perfect shield sunblock 50+ spf/pa+++. Sometimes I just mixed them together, but not too much, because it can made my face gone grey..

Place & Temp. Review:
I used this bb cream on outdoor at monday, I'm on school (which is the most active hour of my life) and monday is the day I sweat a lot. Besides the hot temperature, but also there's a sport class! The perfect time to test out this bb cream's oil control! Plus, I'm at school for 10 hours, I'm sooo gonna challenge this bb cream! AND, I'm gonna test out if this really look natural or not. My friends have an eagle eyes, they might guessed early that i used something on my face..
And this is the value;

Today date is 5th May 2012.
Waaaayyy back on monday, (6 days ago), i started to challenge this bb cream. on monday, after washing my face, i put on some of it to my face, and then starts the sportclass, Oh my! it was 11 am, and its already a bit hot (global warming?). after the sport class ends, i checked up my face, and it does slightly soften up the texture of my face,That's a good thing, No? but i surely need to re-apply again after smudging my face with towel A LOT. After re-applying . I'm a bit aware that in the classroom (16° or so.. and dry too..) my face doesn't look as dewy as on the morning. But i was wrong! it still gives me that dewy look.
Still on monday, its 2:30 PM, and its time to go home. the temperature is likely mad at me or something, its like 33° or more.. and i'm sweatin' like hell! and needs to evenly pat and blot my face, but the bb cream still stick on my cheek (mostly), except the T-zone. the bb cream is still there, but doesn't really visible that much. But that's how you live in Jakarta, people who live in cooler temp. places can get better result & lighter oil control-needs than mine.

On regular days, it does perfectly well, especially on night time since there isn't any heat or extreme activity.

Ok, right, like the other bb cream does, it might look a little cakey on the beginning but then looks natural on a minute or two, but i can say that this is still better than other bb cream that are ridiculously makes me cakey.

picture taken after taking bath. that's why i change my clothes. on the same day.look at how my pimples 'staying' on my chin :( this previews the coverage result for shini star bb cream.

this one is a comparison swatch. at the top is the shini star bb cream
swatchies. i know my hands and arms are dark toned compared to my face. too much sun exposure in childhood days really affects myself today lol

+ Pretty good oil control (1-2 heavy hours, re-apply, 5 hours good to go! blot 5-7 times. this happens to a 30 degrees or so..)
+ Easily applied (light texture,really feels like a lotion, blend easily) 
+ Light-Medium coverage (it doesn't really matter for me, but it could be a plus if it could hide that pimple on me, instead of just the smooth lines)
+ No parabens (they said).. 
+ A little amount could cover up my face!
+ A combination between pricey-cheap. At least, for a student like me..
+ Breakouts? well, i got that small break out once on 5 days after i start using this bb 

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