Sunday, 3 June 2012

Eyes Of the Day: The Ulzzang Look, in the middle of Ceremony :D

After changing my clothes. Heck! wearing Kebaya means wearing long-torso or bustier. And its hurts as HELL!

Oh God, so glad i have this chance to publish another blog post. Actually I've written about 3 drafts last week. And still unpublished yet, the reason is, i haven't take the picture of it. My brother borrowed my canon camera, and he isn't coming home yet. Its been a week..

Oh yeah, anyway this is my Eyes of the day..
the picture takes after the 12th grades graduation ceremony, i'm there being the 'assistant'? (i don't know the exact word, but assisting is what i do in there) for giving the diploma on stage. So basically, i'm just there, standing on the stage with my partner (has to be one of the boys), and the narrator's calling the student's name one by one to step onto the stage to get the diploma, and there is my job, giving it to them, through the principals first of course    It was my school's tradition, 'hiring' a help from subordinate students to be the 'assistant'.

from L-R, Alif, Aryo, Andra. i try to find Andi's photo, but this is the best i could find:
Oh, there he is. in the very front. There's Andi, besides my teacher Mr. Wiji.  Oh, there's also Syabilla. isn't she pretty? :)
Is not really annoying (thought it sounds like one), its the exact opposite of it. It was really fun! and i wasn't the only one that helping the ceremonial run, there's also my friends, Glennys, Mitha, and Helen. They are all amazingly beautiful, and we're on the same job.. assisting, i'm not surprised if they are being chosen. I'm surprised of my own self, why would i even be chosen? i was all average.. really i swear..
And there was also the boys, my oh my, they are all school's most dashing subordinates, hahah LOL. There was, Alif, Andi, Aryo and Andra.

The ceremony needs us (and the students whom are graduating), to dress up neatly, well, duh its a really important day to remember  So, we, and all the girls in the venue, are wearing Kebaya. The boys, wearing black tuxedo, or suit, whatever haha. And people are amazingly appear more and more dashing than in average everyday!
L-R: Glennys,Mitha,Helen, Me. What's up with my peace sign anyway -_____-

Most of my friends here has mono-lid, so, people who assume double eyelid is the best, could go wrong now :)

Speaking of Kebaya, as you can see, in the photo above, i do my make up inspired by an ulzzang.. Firstly, i thought it would be inappropriate, because averagely people do their makeup with traditional make up style to match up their Kebaya. And what was i'm doing exactly don't have a relation to Kebaya at all. LOL
But, that's where my skill is at. I'm pretty skilled for applying eyeliners, but not eye-shadows. :D

So for the eyes i used:

+ Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner
+ Etude House's 66 Big Eye line Charm
+ Holika Holika Jewel-Light Waterproof Eyeliner (Pencil type)
+ Geo Softlens Tearful Brown
+ Shizens Eye Charm Lash Extender (This by most, surprises me!)

As for face and lip, i use:

+ Etude House's Shini Star BB Cream
+ Etude House's Nymph Aura Jelly Tint #2
+ Shizens Lip Tattoo

+ Shizens Rose Hydrating Mist

Honestly, as the ceremony runs, i filled the moment with flutter,solicitude, fear, and everything negative. I know its bad, and i've told that to my self. Its just, a thousands
of pairs of eyes are all on me. If i fell from my heels, or anything bad happens, i can't imagine how things turns out. Moreover, i always felt insecure, My friends are all better than me, and i was like "Oh i hope i'm not being rubbish" haha..

Oh, i should go study now, but i don't feel like it.. You asking what am i? i'm still human, only lazier 
This is pretty much my party look. If i have time later, i would gladly make a tutorial 
Thanks for reading, i hope its interesting!


  1. Ahhh definitely ulzzang. You look so cute! I remember when I graduated I was so afraid of falling on my face. >_< Thank god I didn't!

    1. Thank youu :3
      So glad we didn't fall off that day :D

  2. I love your makeup~
    and that Kebaya is very pretty

    1. Thank you :D
      Yes it is, all of kebaya(s) are really beautiful I suppose :D

  3. You're really pretty! I like the pictures(:

    1. Thank you ^^
      And thanks for dropping by :D

  4. amazing post :)
    I love it!
    your blog is amazing!!

  5. i Google about lip plumping product and stumble here in your blog!
    loving your blog so much!
    plus! you are so pretty! followed! <3