Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Haul Post: Lots of Masks!

I'm so delightful to undergo this holiday (Yep its already holiday here in my school) as well as posting a new post! Its the 19th day of Ramadhan, hope its going well for my moslem readers outta there Photobucket
Anyway, this is my first haul post. and its full of masks, either its sheet masks or peel-off mask. Actually i bought these around someday on July, but i posted it on August *punched* i'm sorry, its not because i'm lazy.. well.. yes i'm lazy in terms of school, but its different when it comes to blogging Photobucket

I also wanted to write a brief review for each mask i bought Photobucket

• The Face Shop Peeling Day: White Jewel (its a peeling gel, it works wonder! The smell is just perfect. I call it 'the first step toner'. Toner is usually used after a mask, so.. It means, its just like a toner, but used before applying a mask. To enhance the absorption of the mask. After this step done, I usually cleanse again with Etude skin mal:gem toner, or Etude AC clinic toner if i'm on a breakout)

• The Skin Food: Peppermint Pore Diet (a peel-off mask, already wrote the review)

• The Skin Food: GoldKiwi Mask Sheet (i got a free sample of the same line, Gold Kiwi Cream + Serum. Great for dry skin, also for brightening. Has a moisturizing effect. i'm kinda surprised of how its so thick and slightly sticky. the sheet is perfect, its not a 3D one, but fits perfectly for almost all face shapes i think.)

• The Skin Food: Rice Mask Wash-off (i only got the sample size of it, brightens face, I rarely use this if I'm tired, or if I'm too lazy to massage my face lol. Softens my skin, and also pretty impressive i think.)

• The Face Shop: Fresh Fruit Acerola Mask Sheet (has a really really delightful scent. Soothes, and brighten my face at the same time. Feel so fresh too. compared than the other mask, this impress me the most)

• The Face Shop: Mung Bean Mask (lovely scent. Soothes skin, makes my skin supple. Almost the same as the aloe vera mask)

• The Face Shop: Nature Lemon Mask (lovely fresh scent, brightens a bit. But its not really good if compared to the Acerola Mask)

• The Face Shop: Cucumber Mask (A deep mosturizing mask, didn't go very well for oily skin. Smooth and supple. No brightening effect, but more of a fresher. Dry skin would fit with this mask. Leaving skin dewy and has that healthy glow look. But the essence is just plain sticky.)

• The Face Shop: Aloe Vera Mask (Almost the same as what the Cucumber Mask do, but this is more 'fresh' and perfect for a day-off or relaxing. i think all skin types could use this, unlike the cucumber mask, which was meant for dry skin i guess.. what i love about this mask is, i got this for free lol)

The above list is the masks only, the other product as seen on the picture but not in the list, will appears on my blog as the review of it, well not all of 'em, only a few that i consider the best. So, just wait for it ok Photobucket and since its the start of my holiday, i'll be more active as possible than the usual, i'll try Photobucket

I guess the face shop's masks are meant for freshener with additional effect, like brightens, or something like it. For those products above, the winner is the Acerola Mask. i cannot wait to post about it later on..

Oh, and i'm obsessed (not actually the word i wanna use but this is the best my brain could think of lol) of Xiaxue's guide to life lately. She's amazing isn''t she? Photobucket

Oh well, i guess that's it .. Thanks for all the comments Photobucket hopes that my blog made your day!


  1. that's so many face mask *o* nice review btw! (>w<)b

  2. wow a lot of face mask! great haul and nice review dear :)

  3. wow! that's a lot! ^^

    followed your blog, hope u could follow mine. ^^



    1. hehe yep, enough for about 2 months i guess >.<
      followed :)

  4. Replies
    1. hehe i need those nowadays lol :D
      thanks ^^

  5. Various mask... *drool* :) so u are kind of fan of the face shop brand.
    There is gold kiwi too
    I ever tried the skin food gold kiwi line but haven't tried the mask.
    nice article^^

    1. yes, i'm recently impressed by the face shop :D
      thanks ^^

  6. I've used the face shop masks too! love them, you should try Etude masks too

    & join my giveaway if you would like! :D