Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Its been a longggg time..

I'm sorry for not posting anything (a single thing) in this blog.  photo pinkkittehh-unhappy.gif
man, its been almost a year i didn't wrote anything blog-related. i didn't even update the templates and etc.
and i really miss posting reviews and all, and i really miss it when everyone's sharing their thoughts on my post, whew!
but hey, its 2013 and i've gotta start blogging again!

I MUST. lol  photo pinkkittehh-weird.gif

there's a slight thought that this post might be a 'rubbish' one, but at the same time, i thought it would be better if i post an apology first and then start to blog again. because, i feel guilty to left this blog alone.

i had a lot of memories this year, including my birthday on may and its my 17th one  and also i spent a lot of days going out on an amusement parks, an event (some of 'em didn't make it on my camera, i regretted it now lol) WITH some makeups i haven't tried and now its ready to be reviewed! 

anyway its going to be a lot of things to share and it takes a bit of a time to post them all since its been a long time, and i keep forgetting things.

alright, to keep this post short, i should make another draft post so i could start blogging sooner

see you in the next posts! 

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