Saturday, 28 July 2012

Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara 01 Power Volume: REVIEW

This is my first ever mascara review, i'm so sorry if it isn't good or not informative enough :)
Moreover, i got my braces changed on yesterday morning, and its painful,it hurts so bad i can't even chew. So i'm sorry if this post seems a little 'fuzzy' simply because i'm handling a pretty painful thing now..
and my bestfriend lately is panadol and biogesic. lol

I bought this along with a hope that it could help me apply mascara more easily. all this time i don't really have that ability to evenly apply a mascara, and ended-up like spider legs. a.k.a spidery lashes. and i have read about that on Michelle Phan's blog.

This, actually did its job by helping me achieve a better appliance. Just take a look at the "pole" applicator that it has. Since the mascara itself is 'magic pole mascara', so this is pretty much the 'star' of the product.
So, lets just try this out. Photobucket
Uhh, it messed up badly when it comes to the matter of 'smudgeproof'. It does fade a bit, after i cried like 2 times and wipe it, but i think i should tolerate that because it was when i'm in a farewell party of my friend's, so, you know.. farewell parties aren't so 'happy' all the time right?
I also apply this on my lower eyelash, and guess, it smudges through my eyebag, making it look like i'm doing a smokey eye make up on my eyebag = yes, i meant panda eyes. This appears not only on my friend's farewell party, but also when i'm going out to a wedding party. The cause might be sweat, so i could still outsmart it by applying an eye primer, i guess?

my eyelash is a bit sparse i think.._. despite being long
Another cons of this, its hard to remove. i use Maybelline eye and lips make-up remover. and needs 5 drops of it to completely remove the mascara. I usually only use 3 drops for eyeliner on both side of my eyes.
Tears feels pretty heavy, right? lol, so does this mascara, unfortunately. and this could easily come out clumpy if you apply too much. So what i've planned to do with this mascara is to use eyelash curler frequently while applying 1-2 layer of mascara.

To sum it up:

+ A bit easy to smudge, and made a little 'panda' eyes.
+ Feels heavy
+ Hard to remove
+ This did an amazing job at volumizing my lashes
+ Easy breezy applicator
+ Buildable, but kinda hard to built. If i apply too much, it could get clumpy, but if i apply too little, i might look the same as before i apply this.

So.. i think i'll give this:
3 beauties
Lol, what i meant is 3 stars, but anyway.. please give me your comment, thank you !


  1. i'm currently using magic pole mascara waterproof, it quite good :)

  2. omg the packaging is so cute :D

  3. Hi sweetie, Oh I love this korean brand. ;) HiHi And yeah, with this mascara you have beautiful eyes I think! Maybe once I need to buy one Holika Holika Mascara :)
    I really hope you'll like my blog ^^
    Kisses ♥

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    1. thank you^^ yes sometimes my eyes looks fine, although sometimes i hate how it has hooded lids :/
      Thanks for dropping by~

  4. thanks for the review!
    you blog is so cute :)

    followed you xx

  5. your eyelashes look longer after using this <3
    I haven't try this mascara btw :)

  6. Hello Sae! Nice blog here, I've just found it and I'm your newest follower now =)
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  7. i have short lashes and where i see our picture, im very vey happy *-* they make the lashes longer and thank you for this review <3
    your blog is very interesting and good :)


  8. This is the cutest blog i have ever come across! i love it! :D the review was extremely informative good job :D can u get this brand of mascara in the UK at all? xx
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  9. Thanks foe sharing:) If you have a second, do not forget to check out my blog and let me know what you think.

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  10. Thanks for the review, looks nice :) aww. I hope your mouth feels better, I remember when I had was not fun but in the long run it was worth it :)


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  11. Hi Sae
    So this holika product did its job in plumping ur lashes. I never try this brand before. Thanx for the info, u got a nice review there with the informative pics too.
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  12. oh man i love this mascara it is one of my favorite. i have actually had no problem with smudging. this and one of the majorca majolica are my favorites. i think they really build up a lot but you have to be patient! really great for short stick straight lashes! anyway cute blog darling, i love the background with the bows :)

    xx rae
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  13. Thanks for the review! I like how the wand looks and it makes application less clumpy. Thanks so much for sharing this ^_~

  14. oh thanks for this! =) I was looking for these and I think I'm going to try this next.