Friday, 20 July 2012

Etude House Dream On Base 01 Mint Dream Slim and Cover: REVIEW

a pump-like bottle, with a sweet-cute cap! EH really wins my heart with just the packaging.
Feels so much different to write this post while fasting Photobucket weehee~
i bought this dream on base with my mom, it feels so much more when i shop with my family. such a great quality time i had back thenPhotobucket

Anyway, i intend to buy this because of what i experience last week. When i go home after taking facial, i spot some redness on my face, especially in the nose area. At first i thought it was a normal irritation that usually occurs after facial, and usually it'll disappear after 1 night. But this time, it won't disappear even after 2 days. Then i decided to buy this, in case if that is happening again.

Today, (well actually since 3 days ago) i have this red spot in my left hand, which will be the 'testing' subject for this product. this 'red spot' apparently appears after i play a game with my friends, a game which acquires the losers of the game being slapped in the hand. and trust me, it feels like HECK! aaaaaa Photobucket hurts so so much, but the game is just sooo fun that i played it like for 3 hours. Well, since words cannot describe how it hurts, i bet this picture could tell the story.

slightly looks like a mosquito bites. but actually its some sorta bruises.. mild bruises. Some of my friends also experiences this bruises thingy. its really obvious in the real life, good thing the camera didn't capture it so obviously, believe me, cause it is not so good to look at  Photobucket

Oh! i almost forgot, the link between this bruises and the Dream On Base 01 Mint Green is, we r gonna test this green babes to see if it really hides red-ness. (well, this bruises are kinda red right? a bit similar to the pimples in my face haha)

The base has such a heavenly texture. some sorta, creamy-velvety constancy, making it really easy to blend. well, if it isn't blend well, it might make your face pale.. and i don't wanna look pale unless i'm as hot as vampires Photobucket

the coverage is medium. but you could build it up to make it heavier, or less heavy. depends on how you wanna make it. i also discover that it could slightly fade the uneven skin tone in my face.
The lasting power is not really predictable as its being covered by bb cream, but i think it's about 4 hours. Yesterday i tried it out with Etude House's Precious Mineral Bright Fit. And i hardly see the redness in 4 hours straight. After that, the redness is becoming visible again, but not as obvious as i didn't apply any makeup.

Pricey or not? hmm, since i bought this on the mall outlet, yes. it is pricey. But i saw this on some online shop a week ago, and its not that pricey.

Ok, lets just take the summary:

+Blends easily
+Lasts pretty good
+Has a REALLY cute packaging, and so are the scent. to the extent that i make it as an aromatherapy by putting it in a teabag, and hang it besides my bed, and then i suddenly feels like a hobo. Photobucket
+Medium (but buildable) coverage
+Not thick. which is a plus. i hate thick textured face makeup. that's why Photobucket
+Feels kinda dewy
+Looks pretty natural (set with medium-light coverage)

Overall, i'm glad i bought this Photobucket

I wore it yesterday while on salon, taking some creambath after a looong time, getting ready to go with my friends.Photobucket
hehehe sorry for the frog face i just made Photobucket
Anyway, i hope you enjoy reading my review! Photobucket


  1. a nice product with a good packaging! how awesome is that! will check this out next time i visit etude house store!

  2. i think i should try this later hehehe..
    the packaging is soooo damn cute!

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  6. wow. this base looks very good and your review is good, too <3 your blog is so cute and interesting ! you are a pretty girl


  7. thanks for your review! this product looks interesting! love your blog design very cute!

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  8. I keep hearing such good things about etude house your post was wonderful! you should definately do more posts about etude house there really good :D hope you ramadam is going well for you :) xx