Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Precious Mineral BB Cream Etude House #1 Sheer silky skin: REVIEW

HELLO! I've just finished unpacking loads of old cosmetics from my old cosmetic bag that has lost for about 3 months.. and now i met that bag again! and to redeem that longing for 3 months, i'll write a review about one of those many cosmetics..

the background for this picture is my barbie fairytopia's outfit. hehe.

First shot, its Etude's Precious Mineral BB Cream; Sheer silky skin (people said it was for oily-combination skin). Its is quite matte though, if you want dewy result, you should try the other one (Sheer Glowing skin). Etude's Precious Mineral BB Cream; Sheer silky skin has a lighter shade than Sheer Glowing skin. The shopkeeper says so 

The coverage is better than Shini Star's BB Lotion, and slightly more 'grey' than it. I could guess, because it contains more SPF compared to Shini Star's BB Lotion. where it has SPF 30/PA++
The undertone is still yellow. So it matches my skin pretty well too..

Kinda easy to blend, not as easy and runny as Shini Star's BB Lotion, but its practically still better at covering.

click to enlarge!

I sounded like i compared these both products.. haha but still, this post is about Precious Mineral. This is just to help you guys see thru this product 

Anyway, the Overall is:
+ Great Coverage, almost all my small pimples are fading, but leaves a bit of grey cast. which look unnatural, but becomes more natural after a few minutes.
+ Really Great Oil Control, and doesn't make my skin dry. 5-6 Hours without blotting, Yeaa~ 
+ Break outs? Nope, not so far.. untill now.
+ SPF 30 / PA++
+ Kinda easy to blend.. but i think #2 Sheer Glowing skin is a lot easier to apply & blend.
+ A bit Pricey for the big size, that's why i bought the mini size on Kaskus.
+ Kinda making me a bit 'white' even after a few minutes and so.. not recommended for flash photographs,   i've recently checking up my newly uploaded pictures in facebook, and it doesn't look good. doesn't look delicious.. at least to me :(
+ Smells EXTRA great!

I'm planning to buy the Sheer Glowing skin one, cuz i think the shade is better.. yes i know the sheer glowing one is for dry skin, but.. whatever ahhahaah 


Oh, and sorry for not posting as often as before, i had a lots of assignment i have to finish on my school before 30th May, and to cut loose those assignments, i have to skip weekends and end up attending additional lessons. i know it sucks.. 
Oh well, i'd better get my chemical books now..

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