Saturday, 12 May 2012

Shini Star Clear Pact PEACH :REVIEW

Hello again, after a week or more, here i start posting again. after taking care of something on 9th May, now i'm back. Its about Shini star clear pact: peach!

yep, i bought the peach one. I'm not going to buy the lavender from the beginning, I thought that i might look somewhat pink..  i know it wouldn't, i read the reviews, but i just put my heart on the peach one.

The plus is, it does well on my cheek, which is the most smooth and supple area on my face, other than that is just ordinary. making me look like wearing a highlighter instead. Maybe because of its shimmer? i see it does shimmer a bit, and its pretty. Also, it smooth out my skin.

Preview of Shini Star's Clear pact peach. doesn't look really visible, but it does shimmers a bit. and sorry for  the  crappy face i made. just wake up..
i put this on, yesterday, i was having a task from school, and i had to go to seaworld (recreation place where there's a lot of sea creature). at first, its kinda look bad on my forehead, my pores and small pimples are all seems emphasized. and i have to remind myself not to use this on my nose; on the area next to nostril where pores are usually appears. because it will look a bit cakey and doesn't look great on me.

Well, the scent are great like all etude house's products. and it look cute too! but i still cant use it too often, or i might break out. yes, break out. too bad..

I've planned to sold this on kaskus or wherever, haha. knowing that it doesn't fit me well. Oh well, so long then.. 

Overall, 3 stars out of 5. i loooove the shimmer on my cheek, but why does it emphasize my pores? and i can't use it often too. i'm too afraid of break outs. 


  1. They packaging is so darn cute! where do you buy Etude House products from? :D

    1. yeah think so too :D that's why i loove etude..
      i bought it on local mall for this one, but sometimes i do online shop in kaskus, a local forum discussion that also has sell-buy section :D its cheaper there though.. :)

  2. this product seems amazing :)
    I really love it!
    plus it is so cute!