Monday, 7 May 2012

BIOKOS: Sentinel's recommended gel peel-off mask! +REVIEW

Biokos from Martha Tilaar's
Hello Everyone! today's recommended item is this gel-mask. i liked how it has a cooling sensation on my face!
Unfortunately i'm not pretty sure whether or not this mask is sold worldwide. I bought it at Pasar Baru, or via Biokos Shop outlets

The price is pretty cheap for a gel mask i think. the results aren't so far from Skinfood's Mask, but i couldn't say it was better 

mint green-ish gel.

for some reason, it does look like a scream mask doesn't it? LOL

+ I love the natural scent, and that cooling sensation over your face. So refreshing!
+ But i think the amount is too small, (yes, 150g is still not enough for at least a month) i'm using it 4 times a week, hehe. Requires large and massive amounts of gel to cover perfectly.
+ Cheap! about $8 for 150gr, and $3 for 90gr
+ Pretty effective, i found it brighter on my forehead. but that's just it.. i wish it could do more..
+ The texture is pretty runny, and cold!

Oh well, i wish it was sold online and worldwide..Photobucket
i'm so sorry for the extra-short post.. next time i'll update my post with Shinistar's Clear Pact: peach 


  1. Was that a good thing 'pretty runny, and cold' ? D:

    It sounds sorta ... gross.
    How long did you leave it long for? c:

    1. I think its a good thing, because when you apply gel mask, if the gel isn't spread easily (runny) it might get dry quicker before you finish covering all parts of face.. If that happens, then the mask could just become clumpy everytime you rub :D
      And I think its refreshing how it also add some cooling sensation, that's why I call it cold, I'm not so good for describing thing lol XD

      I leave it for 20 minutes :)

  2. Sounds good! It's funny that the small package (90gr) is cheaper than the big package (150gr) I would rather buy a lot of the smaller versions haha.

    Thanks for following me! I'm following back :)


    1. yep, i bought it before the newly improved (& cheaper too) one is launched , which is much more expensive that day :/

      you're welcome :D